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Pro-Pools & Spa Inc.  has been servicing the public for over 20 years. We offer high quality and cost effective pool maintenance programs for residential and commercial property managers, homeowner associations and apartment complexes.

We understand the complexity of managing commercial pools. We have the resources, license, insurance and experience needed to provide you with professional pool services.

Always keep your pool running properly

You may not know that improper water balance is the number one reason for commercial pool closures, equipment malfunctions and surface stains.


Let us help you prevent these problems by taking preventative measures with your pool and spa.

Is your pool regulated?

We are very familiar with the county health department requirements for our region, and can save you time and money by helping to keep your pool safe and compliant.

Pro-Pool & Spa Inc. commercial pool service is a smart way to keep your public swimming pool safe!


We service HOAs!



Don't risk a fine or closure of your pool or spa. If you're not VGBA compliant, ask about our free pool inspection.


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